Devotions based on Kenneth Boa’s book, Conformed to His Image

Our spiritual life is an all-encompassing, lifelong response to God’s initiative in our lives, as our trust is in Him.  It begins with the gift of forgiveness and goes on through faith and obedience. It is a journey with Christ rather than a journey to Christ.  We never arrive on this earth for our journey is not complete until the day of our resurrection. In the meantime we are pilgrims and exiles as our citizenship is in heaven. ( Heb 11:13) Nothing on this earth can fully satisfy our deepest longing for that longing is for God. Our pilgrim-life is filled with joy and sorrow, pleasure and affliction, clarity and confusion, comfort and pain, hope and despair  etc. But others have preceded us in this journey and left us some maps along the way to guide us. And God has equipped us with the spiritual resources He knows we will need throughout our journey. This author gives 12 facets of the spiritual journey which I will share in the future devotionals. If we approach our spiritual journey with an open and teachable spirit, we will get fresh insights from the Word, the people we meet, the books we digest etc. One size does not fit all. Because of our unique temperaments and circumstances we will be drawn to some more than other approaches. It is good that we are all different and need each other to grow, for we are not complete without others.