Devotions from Judy’s heart

If you got the picture I sent of our whole family at meal time, you will see that we are not so fussy about everything being perfect. With some sitting at the cluttered counter, some at a little children’s table and others at the big table, it looks rather messy. But the important thing is not that everything is picture-perfect but that we are fed and satisfied and enjoy the experience together.  Today I was reading from Matt 23 about the Pharisees and how they were all about appearances. They wanted to look good even though what was in their hearts was full of uncleanness and hypocrisy.  We can also be all about appearances like putting on an elaborate dinner where everything is just perfect, but people are not getting along, the food is so rich they have indigestion etc?  But what is far more important is what we take into ourselves…. what we receive into our hearts?  We don’t really need to be concerned about how it looks to others, but more about taking in what the Lord has for us each day. Sometimes we are rather messy and imperfect, but the Lord looks at our desire and intention of our hearts. He gives us just what we need and we are nourished and fed what is life-giving. So let us be honest before Him and others, not so concerned about outward appearances