Devotions from Judy’s heart

Today I read in Matt. 19 about how Jesus did not want the little children hindered but to come to him as He laid his hands on them and blessed them.  We have all 7 of our grandkids with us now and our desire is to bless them. Each one is so unique and special!  We do not have favorites but love each of them in different ways for they have one-of- a kind personality. We want to treat each of them according to what is meaningful to them, although we are so imperfect at doing that.  But it gives us a sense of our Heavenly Father and how He knows exactly how to love and nurture us. I’m so glad He doesn’t have favorites but treats us as His beloved children, wanting to spend time with us to express that love. Just as our grandkids aren’t perfect angels all the time, He loves us unconditionally and sees the potential in us and what we may become. Let us be more aware of His love for us and become more rooted and grounded in that perfect love.  Eph 3:17-18.