Dear Ones,
Hope you had a great weekend and a peace filled day today! I just finished making 2 double batches of Chocolate chip cookies on a stick to serve at church and a dessert for company tomorrow. Soon I am off to Exercise class!  
Devotions from Judy’s heart
   Are we in the place God has for us today, or have we gone our own way, missing the place where He would have us right now? Much depends on how we see ourselves and whether it is how God sees us?                                                                                                                       
  Today I was reading from II Samuel 9 where King David asks if there is any one to whom he can show kindness for Jonathan’s sake. Jonathan was his best friend and killed in battle, along with his father King Saul. Ziba, a servant of King Saul told David that Jonathan’s crippled son, Mephibosheth was alive and living in Lo-debar. It was a lowly poor town and its name meant “Pasture-less”. The town was likened to how Mephibosheth felt about himself for he called himself a dead dog and was afraid and fell on his face before King David.                                   
But the story has a beautiful ending for David treats him as a King’s son and has him eat always at his table and gave him land and servants to till the land for him. (II Samuel 9:8) What a change for a man who felt worthless and poor and all of a sudden, he is rich and valued because he is the king’s son.                                                                                                                                           
   We might ask ourselves how we would we describe who we are?  Would it be much like Mephibosheth, feeling poorly about ourselves and trying to hide our imperfections? Would we try to overcome our failures and inferior feelings by trying hard to measure up, which only causes us to wilt under pressure? Either way we are missing out on the joy and freedom that the Lord has for us. Just like King David offered Jonathan’s son a place at his table, God offers to take us where we are at with all our sin and to grant us forgiveness, taking us to a new place of fellowship at His table. We only need to ask for forgiveness and receive all that the Lord is offering us, not based on our goodness, but on His righteousness.
Let us not refuse the invitation to come to the Lord, receive forgiveness and sit daily at His table.
Challenge for today: Don’t rush through your day without sitting first at the King’s table.
Blessings on your week and prayers and love, Judy