Devotions from Henri Nouwen’s book The Inner Voice of Love

Today’s devotions is about the road to freedom and the importance of staying on that road. Sometimes we seem to think we are losing ground and going backwards and our healing is sporadic. But when we experience a set back or regress, all is not lost. We don’t start all over again. Instead what we have gained we have gained. 
Sometimes things build up and we feel like we are right back where we started. But instead, it is like we are pulled off the road, and return to the place where we left it, not to where we started.  It is not important to dwell on the moments we feel pulled away from our progress, but we must try to return home, to the solid place within us immediately. Otherwise we connect with similar moments and together they become powerful enough to pull us far away from the road. We must remain alert to the distractions and return to the road when we are on the shoulder rather than when we are pulled all the way into a nearby swamp.  IN everything, let us keep trusting that God is with us and has given us companions on the journey. Let us return to the road of freedom each time we get pulled off.