Devotions from Judy’s heart

Our credit card expired and a new one was lost somewhere in the mail. After a couple calls a new card was on the way, but in the meantime I tried to use our travel card. I had never noticed there was an expiration date on that one, since you can reload it. Even though there was money in the account we were unable to use it as it had expired. Later after several calls to the bank, the money was deposited in our checking, but not without difficulty. There are times when the Lord has a blessing in store for us and we are to act on a promise He has given us, a gift to be received. But we may delay and refuse at the time, and before we know it, this grace- filled time has expired. I suspect sometimes we have all had times like that…we have been slow to respond to His grace and we miss what He has for us. Let us be sensitive to His Spirit and welcome all that the Lord has for us each grace-filled moment..