Devotions from Judy’s heart

The other day while our relatives were gathered at the Point, I drove our car over to join them. But in the middle of the road was a pail used to get water from the well. I had no idea why it was there and had to get out of the car and remove it to the side of the road. I wondered who put it there. Later as supper was served they asked my brother what happened to the well water. He had put the pail in the middle of the road to remind himself to get water on his way back from swimming. So he had to make a trip back to the well!  Sometimes people around us do things we don’t understand and make no sense to us. We may get irritated or think it impedes our progress. But all I had to do with the pail was to simply set it aside.  Let us not get upset by the idiosyncrasies of others but be patient; go on with our lives. Sometimes we may get understanding but even if we don’t, let us not judge others. Just like my brother, there may be a perfectly logical reason for their action. When we focus on the negative we will miss the gifts God has placed inside others.  As it says in Ps. 149,  God takes pleasure in His people. Let us take pleasure in others and notice all their good qualities just as we would like them to see in us!