Dear Ones,
Happy weekend! Hope you are taking time to get refreshed!😊 We enjoyed celebrating Ann’s birthday yesterday and today we will having left-overs. I plan to work this morning and  go to Kohl’s this afternoon to get in on the hot sales!  
Devotions from Judy’s heart
  God speaks in so many ways and I love to hear His voice as He often speaks in the night. Last night I woke up after midnight and said a quick prayer that He would give me what He wanted me to write today. It’s a prayer I often pray, for in myself I have nothing to say. I went back to sleep but later woke from a vivid dream and it seemed to contain a message that I want to practice, and hope you will too.
  I was at some kind of a Christian gathering and sitting closely between two friends, as the place was packed. The three of us were looking at the printed program together as they had run out of bulletins. The friend on my right was a former missionary and she would read a name off and would say something positive about that person. She went down the list one by one and found something special about each speaker and we began to anticipate what we would hear from them. It prepared our hearts for something good!
  I thought it was like she wore a garland of praise and thankfulness around her neck and it sparkled as she saw the best in others. She is a person that is just herself and doesn’t put on any airs but comfortable to be who God made her to be. And in my dream, she described each one with something positive she saw in them that would bless us all. If I put that in a personal context, I wonder how she would have described me. She could say, “My friend who is getting old and wrinkled!” But I’m quite sure she would have been kind as she practices seeing beauty instead of ashes, and wears a garment of praise.  (Isaiah 61:3)
  How about us? When we think or see others, even a stranger, is our first response to see them in a positive light and to be thankful for the gifts God has put within them? Or do we notice how they are poorly dressed or have some quirks etc. God created every person with special gifts to give to us and the world, and we are blessed if we don’t overlook them. Let us not focus on the negative but thankfully look for the unique gifts that He placed in them.
Challenge for today: When you meet others, may your first response be to see the best in them!
Blessings on your weekend and prayers and love, Judy