Dear Ones,
Hope you are keeping warm on this cold day! Burrr! This morning I did food prep and went to my exercise class. This afternoon is crafts, a walk and then Bible Study. 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
 We’ve all had supernatural interventions in our lives as God is at work, even when we don’t always recognize His hand. When I asked about miracles in your life I was blessed as many  responded and I will share just a few with you that you may also give Him glory. 
My cousin’s wife wrote:
When I was 16 years old, me and my three older siblings (ages 17, 18, and 19) were driving home (to Illinois) from Naples Florida, in early January, after a visit with my grandparents. While still in a southern state, we came upon snowy roads that were very slick. Our car slid off the road and almost fell into a deep ravine, barely hanging on. People stopped to help us right away, even going to find a tow truck to pull us to safety. While waiting for the tow, the bystanders decided it would be safer for us to get out of the car if we could without causing it to fall. The siblings in the front seat had to climb over to the back to be able to get out. We each made it out, the tow truck came pulling the car to safety, no damage to the car and we were on our way again in no time…angels watching over us!  We told our parents about the incident when we arrived home and my mother told us she had felt an urgent need to pray for us at the exact time we were hanging over the ravine.
A good friend from our previous church in Des Moines wrote:
“I’m reminded of a miraculous healing in 1983! Shortly after Josh was born, my hands broke out in wart like sores! It was very unsightly and painful. I would try to hide my hands. I went to the dermatologist and they would try to burn them off, which made them more red and painful. Having a newborn was a challenge as you wash your hands frequently, which irritated them even more! The several weeks of treatment was not working! One Sunday at Redeemer your Husband asked if anyone wanted prayer to come to the altar! I went forward and Denise prayed for my hands to be healed! Praise God, shortly after that prayer, they were completely healed and I did not have to return for further treatment and it has never reoccurred! All Glory to God!!!”
Another friend from our church in Brunswick wrote:
“The first thing that comes to my mind on miracles is of course our little Gibby! Mel and Sam were told that there was very little chance he would survive when she went into labor at just 20 weeks but he didn’t arrive until 34 weeks and Mel was on bedrest the whole time. The Dr couldn’t believe It as he was so close to popping out. We always call him our little miracle boy!! He is now almost 12 years old!!😀”
Another friend wrote, “Our grandson Will born less than 2 lbs. and told his bowels did not connect and now he is 15 years old 6 ft. tall and the picture of strength and health. Drs. told me 7 years ago i would need kidney dialysis in 5 years and the numbers are better today than they were then.”  
There are so many more stories of God’s intervention for He answers the prayers of all who call upon Him. As it says in Deut. 10:21 (Message), “He’s your praise! He’s your God! He did all these tremendous, these staggering things that you saw with your own eyes.”
Challenge for today: Thank the Lord for a miracle in your life and share with another when the opportunity comes. 
Blessings on your day and prayers and love, Judy