Dear Ones,
Hope you are enjoying your day and keep focused on the Lord. This morning I baked cookies and went to a strength building class and hope I won’t be sore later.Emoji We are blessed with another beautiful day and love to get out on the trail to walk.
Devotions from Judy’s heart
Isn’t it wonderful to find a place of quiet peace when we are stressed or overcome by the fitful noise of the world? I smile when I hear of moms who have young children and so tired of their squabbling that they lock themselves in the bathroom to get a few moments of quiet. It’s like putting themselves in timeout so they get some peace. But there is a better way and like an old song goes, “There is a place of quiet rest near to the heart of God…There is a place of full release, near to the heart of God, a place where all is joy and peace, near to the heart of God.” We all need a place to go in this day of so much turmoil, when the news is given to cause fear, hate and a desire to get even, and leave people confused. The anxiety level is high as seen in the continual posts on Facebook. But our hope is not in this world, but in the Lord. That’s not to say we won’t suffer and that hard times aren’t coming but we can have peace even in the midst. Many of you have probably read what a pastor in China said some time ago to the believers in America. The Christians in China have been praying for God to bring persecution to America to filter the world and lukewarmness out of the hearts of His people. The church in China is very strong because of what they are willing to go through for their faith. Are we willing to stand for the Lord no matter what the cost? We must place our faith and hope in the Lord and not in any political process, but in the person of Jesus. In Psalm 118:8 (ESV) the Psalmist said, “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.” The Lord is unchanging in our changing world and He will always, always, be there for us and give us strength to go through whatever is sent. Let us not get down and lose courage but fix our eyes on the Lord. The Psalmist must have been felt down and overwhelmed for he says in Psalm 42 that his soul is discouraged and he feels God has forgotten him. But then he closes the Psalm in verse 11 (God’s Word) as he remembers that God is all he needs and says, “Put your hope in God, because I will still praise Him. He is my Savior and my God.” Let us live and walk in hope and peace and not be overcome by the world!
Challenge for today: Spend time thanking the Lord for the hope we have in Him and keep focused.
Blessings on  your day and prayers and love, Judy