Devotions based on Mark Buchanan’s book, Spiritual Rhythms

As we think of the seasons there is a varying duration and intensity of light from summer to winter. Season to season light waxes and wanes, lengthens and shortens. In spiritual matters we are more apt to seek the light in the hard seasons than the easy ones. When we are most light starved we are most hungry for the light. A good example is Paul and Silas who were in the lowest darkest cell of jail. They had been mobbed, beaten, and shackled, for freeing a slave girl in captivity to an evil spirit.  They could have complained but instead they sang and praised and prayed.  Thankfulness was their testimony!  Maybe their gratitude to God had more to do with influencing the jailer’s family and the prisoners than a sermon!  When are told to give thanks in all things and for all things. That doesn’t mean we pretend that everything in our life is good. It means trusting God that He is able and willing to work all things, event the worst things, together for good.  Let us make a daily practice of being thankful, starting with the small things.  As we do this we will see the world differently and more of our life will look and feel like pure gift. Let us walk in the light!