Devotions from Judy’s heart
Today I struggled with finding a pr of shoes that I could wear to work at Share and Care and ended up with sandals. Just yesterday I noticed there was blood on the basement floor and I wondered where was it coming from.  I had been downstairs earlier with bare feet and didn’t give it a thought that I had nicked the top of my little toe on the wood stove hearth earlier. I had blood all over my slipper etc and I never knew I was hurt. It made me think of how we need to be quiet before the Lord and let Him minister to our hearts.  We don’t know the depth of our hurts and are surprised at times when tears come to our eyes or we have feelings of abandonment or loss etc. In our minds something that happened in the past is over, but maybe not! It can still be like my sore toe that is not yet healed.  Even the healing process can’t be hurried up or forced to happen. We can only give ourselves to Him who understands fully and is our Healer. It is much like opening the door and inviting Him in to our inner sanctuary and giving Him permission to pour out His healing love on us, for however long it takes.  I haven’t been able to walk on these cold days as my boots hurt too much but in time I will be on my prayer walks again!