Devotions from Judy’s heart

Have you ever gone to a meeting and wondered who is in charge? It is a question we can ask ourselves each day…who is in charge of my life today? Is it God or have I taken over again?   I read from a devotional book today of how we need to live in the awareness that God is Boss. He is the one that orchestrates the events of our lives. Our part is turn over our wills and lives to Him and He will give us all we need for the day. He is the One the gives us a sense of purpose each day. Often our plans for the day are vastly different from how the day actually turns out. A visitor may surprise us at our door, or we may get a bad report from the Dr., or a sudden accident occurs. I remember recently when the Hospice nurse called and told me dad had died, My whole day and world changed. Yes, things can change in an instant. But one thing we know is that God is with us and can work good out everything. His ways are higher than our ways, and even His thoughts higher than our thoughts. ( Isaiah 55:9)  Let us remember who is in charge and let the Lord be Boss…what a secure place to be!