This is my first post. Judy and I have felt for some time that we should be doing a better job of communicating what the Lord has been doing in our lives and the message that he has formed in our hearts. We are calling our blog, “A voice from the Wilderness” for at least two good reasons. First, we live in the northwoods of northern Minnesota, where we run a small retreat prayer house. The second reason is the sense that we live on “the edge” of the culture and the church, for the sake of both. Our prayer is tha what is shared on these posts can be of help for those “pilgrims” our there who know there is more to their walk with Jesus, then just having more teaching or doing more things. Many of the pilgrims have become discouraged with the church, but are still seeking more intimacy with the Lord. It is to these folks, that we most seem to identify with in our ministry. We have met and know many such pilgrims. If you are one of these piligrims, we would like to get to know you through this blog.