I spent last week-end at the 50th year class reunion from High School.  It was a great event for Judy and I.  I was asked to share an opening prayer, along with a few comments.  I felt lead to share the phrase, “Let each of us finish strong.”  When all of us in the class are in our late 60’s, this phrase takes on real meaning.  I thought of Paul’s word in II Cor. “That is why we never give up.  Though our bodies are dying, our inner being is being renewed every day.”  I reminded my class that when we look around at ourselves we are definitely not getting stronger and more vital physically. But inwardly we are able to become stronger and stronger, so that we can finish strong.   –    My sense was that there were members of my class that needed this reminder.  What a joy it was for me to say that I intend to finish strong.  In finishing strong I know it is the work of God in my heart, as I make myself available to him.  My part is the practices of the spiritual disciplines that allows the Spirit to do the inner work of transformation.   –   I encourage you who read this blog to be intentional about finishing strong, by giving yourself to the work of the Spirit in your inner being