Dear Ones,
Happy weekend and may you take time to get refreshed. This morning I plan to clean and then go to a baby shower at church for the mom who is battling cancer and soon to deliver her baby girl. Please keep her in your prayers. Last night Al and I enjoyed the movie, Jesus Revelution, and hope you have a chance to see it too. It brought back many memories of the 1970’s and all that God was doing in the hearts of the youth. 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
    We must all be watchful for we can fall into the mindset of setting personal comfort above knowing God and making Him known to others. When we know the Lord, we believe that God has something far better than anything in this world waiting for us some day. We however must be patient and not demand that we have a comfortable and prosperous life now. As I read Larry Crabb’s book, “Waiting for Heaven”, he said, “Wait for tomorrow. Demand nothing today. But enjoy God’s blessings today. And yet, whether in blessings or trials, live to love well today.”
  God never promised us an easy life in this world. In my daily devotions I have been reading about Moses and his life was not a piece of cake. Yes, he might have started out having everything he could wish for as a Prince of Egypt, but he gave it all up because of his faith that believed God had something better for him. Leading the children of Israel was not an easy task but he didn’t turn away from what God had for him to do; he was waiting for God’s best one day rather than pleasure in the now!
   But isn’t that what the enemy likes to tempt us to do as well, to indulge in the fleeting pleasures of today rather than waiting for what God has for us some day? We must say no to temporary pleasures and snares the enemy puts before us and embrace what God has for us. We need to each ask, what is God’s call on my life? Can I say no to the other choices and embrace what God has for me?  Crabb wrote that Moses left behind wealth and power and pleasure for mistreatment, the company of broken and despised people, and humiliating suffering.
   No matter what we suffer in this life, “wonderful joy is ahead even though we must endure many trials for a little while.” (I Peter 1:6)
Let us live in faith today because we eagerly wait for what is ahead!
Challenge for today: Resolve to wait for what God has for you rather than trying to satisfy yourself with fleeting pleasures.
Blessings on your weekend and prayers and  love, Judy