Dear Ones,
Hope your day is full of sunshine and joy. I spent much of morning in the kitchen with food prep and making stroganoff, and the house is still full of aroma. I went to my exercise class and later Al and I plan to walk and find a church for Lenten service.
Devotions from Judy’s heart
Our hearts were made to worship. When we neglect to worship, something is missing in our lives. There are those moments when our hearts are so grateful to the Lord that we have a deep need to just express what is in our hearts. Recently I specifically prayed for the Lord’s intervention before going to an event. I prayed all the way there and clearly saw God’s hand move, leaving me with such an awe of His presence and power. I praised Him all the way home as it flowed from my thankful heart. But we don’t need any special circumstance to usher up our praise, for the Lord is worthy of our praise all the time. When we feel alone or down, what better way to have our hearts uplifted than to begin to praise the One who is Life, and Joy, and Peace and Love. I was reading from Genesis 28 this morning when Jacob was trying to escape from his brother Esau; he had stolen his father’s blessing and Esau was angry enough to want to kill him. But when Jacob got as far as Haran he camped for the night and put his head on a stone. He dreamed about a stairway that reached to the sky and angels of God going up and down it. God made him a promise that the ground that he was sleeping on would belong to his descendants and that they would be as many as the dust of the earth and bless all the families of the earth. Verse 15 (The Message) says, “Yes, I’ll stay with you, I’ll protect you wherever you go, and I’ll bring you back to this very ground. I’ll stick with you until I’ve done everything I promised you.” You can imagine how Jacob felt when he woke up. He knew the Lord was in that place and the first thing he did was to make a memorial pillar in praise to God and poured oil on it and made a vow to the Lord. When our hearts are full there is need to do something to let it out and like the song goes, “Now is the time to worship”. Now is the time to bow our knees and give our hearts in surrender.
Challenge for today: Spend some time in worship and express praise for who God is!
Blessings on your day and prayers and love, Judy