Dear Ones,

Sorry I neglected to put this devotion on our blog site yesterday.

May you wake to a day of joy and awareness of God’s presenThe question for this week is:Have you ever been part of a an awakening  movement in your life and what  affect did it have on your life?

Devotions from Judy’s heart

  As I watch what is happening at Asbury University, it is so obvious the hunger that young people have today. There is so much depression, loneliness, and emptiness as the search goes on to find fullness and purpose. Many try to fill that hunger with busyness, accumulating more things, and getting to the top of the ladder but it will never fill the void within.

  God wants to pour His love into us and fill us with His Spirit and that is what is happening not only at Asbury, but other campuses across the country. There is such an awareness of God’s presence and holiness that people don’t want to leave. In fact, there is a long line outside of those who want to get into the chapel to not miss His joy and loving presence that is being poured out.

   Al and I experienced a time of revival in the 1970’s when Al was a youth pastor in Edina. When Al finished seminary, we had hoped to go to the poor in the inner city, but God sent us to the rich in the suburbs. We wondered what we could give to the affluent kids who already had everything. But God did a sovereign work in the hearts of the youth and so many lives were changed. It had nothing to do with glitzy programs and attractions but it was the work of the Holy Spirit, converting hearts of the young people. God broke through hearts as His love was poured out. We had so many hungry souls in our basement each week and many of them have become full time workers for the Lord and ministers.

   More than ever before in our day of such decadence we need a move from God, we need a spirit of repentance that acknowledges our sin and turn to the Lord for forgiveness. If we have thirsty hearts, He extends His invitation to us in John 7:37(God’s Word); “Whoever is thirsty must come to me and drink. As Scripture says, “Streams of living water will flow from deep within the person who believes in me’.” 

  May we respond and daily drink of His living water.

Challenge for today: Say no to anything that would block the springs of living water from flowing out of you.

Blessings on your day and prayers and love, Judy