Dear Ones,
Hope your day is full of sunshine! This morning I went to Aldi’s and then brought a friend with to the Dollar Store to get some prizes etc. Fun! This afternoon I need to wrap and do some food prep etc. 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
How attentive are we to the Lord, recognizing His hand in what is happening in our lives and things around us? As Christians our stance should be to notice how God is working and to watch for Him to act. Maybe right now things do not seem okay as our world is in an upheaval and news is hard to watch. But our ultimate hope is not in this world, and we wait for the day things will be made right. Our hope is in the future when one day all things will be made new. Tish Warren and her husband (both Anglican priests) were having marital problems and she shares how they went away without their kids to try to work things out. At the time they didn’t have much hope to save their marriage but they bought a magnet that said, “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” They purposed to forgive and listen and love, even though their marriage was not ideal at that point. She quotes Julian of Norwich who said, “All shall be well, all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.” Things may be far from what we would like right now and it may seem like a dark night; but we can learn to watch and wait in hope for the morning to come. We don’t know how God will answer our prayers or even if things will get worse, but we know that ultimately, we have a glorious future. One day we will enter into an eternity of all that God has promised for us! Tish writes to encourage us to also wait and watch for signs of his kingdom here and now and not miss what He is doing. He is always at work and sometime we need to slow down and be still and watch. I know I need to do that. Because of technology we take in small bits of information but don’t have much sustained attention. We find it hard to wait. But let us take time to see God’s presence in the world, to pray with others, to wait with hope. In Micah 7:7 (Amplified) it says, “But as for me, I will look to the Lord and confident in Him I will keep watch: I will wait with hope and expectancy for the God of my salvation; my God will hear me.” This is not a time to be asleep but to be awake, and to recognize His grace and mercy as we wait for the dawn to come.
Challenge for today: Ask the Lord to make you more aware of His presence and how He is at work.
Blessings on  your day and prayers and love, Judy