Dear Ones,
Happy Valentine’s Day! May your day spill over with much love. We are in D.M. and going to head home this morning after such a rich evening last night. About a dozen of us gathered together for a dinner party and for an evening of fellowship and sharing. It was so faith building to hear from each one how God has been moving in their lives since we left here 32 years ago. This group has stayed together as families and still meet every other week. We came away so blessed with thanksgiving to the Lord.
Devotions from Judy’s heart
  Al and I were also asked to share some of the things the Lord has been teaching us through the years with a group of our former parshioners last night  and and caused me to spend time in reflection. So many people God has used in my life to help me along the way, including mentors. We are not meant to do the Christian life alone but God puts people in our path to walk with us; Sometimes we are mentored and other times we are doing the mentoring. It may be for a short time and sometimes it may be lifelong, but it is up to Him. There are also ministries that have mentoring programs, like Teen Challenge, and direction is given to those who want to grow in the Lord. It is a gift from the Lord when we can be mentors or when we walk with those who are ahead of us on the journey and learn from them.
    Recently I happened to read of how the prophet Elijah mentored Elisha, who was to be God’s prophet after he was taken to glory. He let Elisha in on God’s plan by finding him working in the field and throwing his mantle over him. It was a sign of God’s power and authority being poured into Elisha. Elisha responded by saying goodbye to his family and sharing life with Elijah and became his servant. (I Kings 19) He must have learned so much from his mentor as he accompanied him until he was taken up to glory. At that time, he asked for a double portion of his spirit which God granted.
  Think of those God has used in our lives to show us the way, to express His love, to be bold when needed. Seeing living examples perhaps makes a deeper impression for us than actual words. I was reminded of a woman who I use to visit who was blind and lived alone in her house and had only a son who lived far away. She was so upbeat, joyous and thankful and the most selfless of anyone I have known. I would read to her, bring coffee and goodies and pray with her but I always came home from being with her a better person.
  I think of so many others who were examples to me, who showed me the way by their words and their actions. Let us all be open to those that the Lord sends into our lives and welcome them.
  Challenge for today: Let the Lord use you as a mentor to others and thank Him for those who have mentored you.
Blessings on your Valentine’s day and prayers and love, Judy