Devotions based on James Smith’s book, The Good and Beautiful Community

Another false narrative that prevents us from being generous is: If I give it away, I have less. This assumes that what we give away and share is now lost and that now it contributes to my lack. But the true narrative is that if we all share we all have enough. Like the children of Israel, they gathered an omer of manna which was exactly what they needed daily and all had enough. We have a tendency to hoard. Why do we consume far more than we need? Do we not believe there will be enough for us? Hunger experts tell us there would be enough food for everyone on the planet to end world hunger if we each took our fair share. How sad we can spend hundreds of dollars on dieting when for $3 a day we could prevent a child from dying of hunger. May we be led by the Spirit to give where He directs and buy what we need. There is enough for all if we practiced this.