Devotions based on James Smith’s book, The Good and Beautiful Community

To be both a comforting and challenging community at the same time we must remind each other of who we are, show each other what we can be, and have the courage to hold each other accountable.

Our identity is one who is loved, forgiven, cleansed, and destined for eternity. As we gather in His name we are set apart from worldly ways to be a light to the world.  In a sense we are already holy and yet we’re still learning how to be holy. We are holy yet broken, and yet a carrier of His presence and power. Some churches stress holiness in terms of behavior and get the focus on rules and not on Him. Others may not hear the message of holiness. So we need a balanced awareness that we are holy and we are broken. The author tells about a church called Claypot Church that breaks a clay jar and gives each person a piece. When the jar is reassembled it is not perfect as no church is but it contains the treasure, which is Christ.  His light can shine out of our brokenness, when we have allowed Him to heal and restore us.  Let us remind each other of who we are!!