Devotions for 2-3 from Haase’s book on Living the Lord’s Prayer

As we have been wounded we need inner healing. The first step is that it is always done in the presence of Jesus who is the Divine Physician.  He is the one who heals, comforts, and consoles us.
Secondly we need to review the past event in depth as the wounds will not be healed if neglected.  The hurt must be brought into the light, recognized and treated. Healing is a gift and when the time is right the memory will float up in our awareness.  The third step is compassion when we momentarily step through our pain, anger, and hurt to place our feet in the shoes of the betrayer, to understand their heart. This can lead us to compassion and open up the choice to forgive them, but we must do this with humility. We may realize that people were doing the best that they could at the time. Fourthly we call on the healing ministry of Christ. We turn to Him and ask Him to minister to us. Where there was darkness to bring the light of His healing.  Sometimes He uses the help of others to unbind us, as Lazarus.  Fifthly is the proclamation of new life.  Over time the wounds stop bleeding and no longer drain us.  We begin to share the grace with others that God has already given to us. PTL!