Devotions from Judy’s heart

We don’t always get to choose if we are to be the giver or the receiver but a balance is good for us all. I would rather be the giver, but these past days, it has not been hard to be the receiver as I have had no energy at all. It has felt so good to have all my needs taken care of and the nursing care here has been wonderful. We need to just where God wants us each moment, sometimes the giver and sometimes the receiver. I have been in no shape to get up and serve the nursing staff so for now I am receiving. But if my life is focused on receiving all the time, it makes for one spoiled egocentric Judy, and that is not good!!  I wonder if even in our receiving we can be giving back to the giver in hidden ways. I think we have all said at one time or another,” I received more than I gave”, after helping someone.  I have enjoyed listening to the life stories of the nurses and nursing assistants as they care for me, and maybe they just need someone to listen to them too. But most important we must listen to the Lord as it is up to Him. So let us not miss the opportunities He puts before us…either to give or to receive.