Devotions based on Joyce Rupp & Marcrina Wiederkehr’s book, The Circle of Life

The four seasons are full of diversity and can also bring fierce storms.  No matter where we live on this planet, we can’t avoid a weather disturbance now and then. Storms are unpredictable and to be respected. They don’t always come at and acceptable time. In our personal lives we experience storms too, and some are quick where we can start up again the next day and forget they ever happened. Other stormy situations stay with us for years and can leave scars on our hearts.  The storms can bash and batter our self- confidence and flood us with anxiety. Some storms like cancer, divorce, financial failure etc can take much longer to pick up the pieces. Yet within the storms may still lies some hidden beauty: care and concern, power of faithful love, generous help, compassionate understanding etc.  We may discover what truly counts in our lives and learn to let others enter into our heart. Some storms catch us off guard and we may need time to recover emotionally as we slowly put our lives back together again. But even the most severe weather doesn’t last forever and eventually there is a return to light and peace. Let us remember when the damage of our storms seems severe that peace will come again.