Devotions based on Macrina Wiederkehr’s  book, Gold in Your Memories

We need a time of quiet and solitude in order for us to make life-giving connections from our past memories that will bring us awareness and wisdom.  One good way to get in touch with these memories may be through writing. What stories from our family history need to be written down? Do we need a counselor to walk with us through some painful memories?  What memories in our lives need to be saved?  As we give voice to our present memories it will help awaken other memories. We need to be willing to be hospitable to all memories, the past, present, and future, and do it with awe. The stories that have made us who we are have a way of slipping away from us so we have to practice remembering. At the end of the day we may ask ourselves, “What new memories have I made this day?”  That means we must learn to live in the present moment and really be there.  Did we truly see the person you had lunch with today?  Did we really taste that first cup of morning coffee?   May we live well and remember well! Out of the soil of the past, green shoots reach up toward the future.