Devotions based on Macrina Wiederkehr’s book, Gold in Your Memories

Books are important in our lives and help us understand who we are and how to live and die.  Through books we meet people that struggle with the same things we do.  We may receive insight into our own lives and they may help us open the door of our hearts wider to the gold in our memories. As we walk through the pages, the authors may call us to prayer, inspire us, challenge us, console us and encourage us. They can be a healing force in our lives. Sometimes we find a special book just at the right time in our lives and it is like finding water in a desert. Sometimes a book may waken dreams in our lives that need our attention. Sometimes we may feel invaded by an enemy and then unexpectedly a book comes along that is almost as good as a therapist.  A book can help teach us how to be in relationship with the wounds of our past in such a way that they become our teachers.  Books can have a powerful affect on us and we need to listen to the wisdom they offer.