Devotions from Judy’s heart
Our son just got progressive tri-focal glasses so now he can read menus etc. I also have reading glasses even though I don’t need glasses for driving, watching t.v. etc.  I have to admit that I am “blind” to reading a map, even my Bible, without my reading glasses  In a spiritual sense we all have blindness but often we are not aware of how blind we are. It is so easy to see farther away at the sin in someone else rather than close up of our own sin!  We can quickly see the speck in our neighbor’s eye rather than the log that is in our own eye. ( Matt. 7). So we need to honestly allow the spirit to reveal areas we need to change and humbly accept however God reveals it to us.
It may be easier when God shows us through scripture or a loving brother or sister, something that needs to change, but sometimes he uses even our “enemies” to challenge us to change. But however He does it, it is out of His heart of love and He desires that we become like Him.