We are leaving for Kansas at 3 am tomorrow so am writing this today.

2-17 Devotions from James Smith’s book, The Good and Beautiful Life

Today’s devotion is on keeping the Sabbath as an exercise to help us deal better with our anger.  At first I wondered what the connection is between the two but since anger is about unmet expectations and fear, Sabbath is a call to trust.
To enjoy a Sabbath day we must give up our desire for total control and allow God to take care of us as we relax and enjoy life. Even sleep is an act of trust and letting go. Rest, trust, and surrendering control are important elements of keeping the Sabbath. But it’s not just about refraining from activity but about joy and delight. The Sabbath is a gift not a set of laws.

Some suggestions he uses for Sabbath rest is going to church together if you choose Sunday as the day of rest.

Set aside time for private prayer

Read a good devotional book or write in a journal

Practice hospitality and invite friends to eat with you.

Play games

Spend time reading your Bible- don’t make it a heavy study.

You can take any day that works for you for there is no certain day that is the right day. Most pastors would not take Sunday as this day for it is there busiest day of the week!