Devotions from James Smith’s book, the Good and Beautiful Community

Worship is more than a private matter meant just to inspire the individual and to create an emotional sensation. It is bigger than the person, and while inspiration is a by- product of worship it is not the central aim. Worship is a communal activity that is meant to instruct us. We tell our stories and find our life in the presence of other followers of Christ. It is not a matter of going to church to be entertained but to be trained. We hear the true story of who He is and what our lives are about. Worship is an invitation, not an obligation, from our gracious God who desires that we come and enjoy him.  God does not need our worship but we need to worship. When we worship we are aligned with the truth, and we respond to the Father’s love. “Worship is not about the quality of the performance but the heart of those who worship.”  May we moved , not by the aesthetic performance, but by the pulsing love of God.