Here is an insightful definition of a victim from Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.  “Defining yourself as a victim is a denial of what makes us human.  We see ourselves as objects, not subjects.  We become done-to; passive, not active.  Blame bars the path to responsibility. The victim, ascribing his condition to others, locates the cause of his situation outside himself, thus rendering himself incapable of breaking free from his self-created trap.” Men, don’t allow the cultural narrative of maleness as a liability, cause you to doubt the reality of your masculine soul,  rendering  you passive and silent, unable to break free from a “self-created trap.”  Don’t allow the angry feminist voices intimidate you, pushing you into a neutral  corner, feeling unable to act on your god given instincts  as a man.  We need to stand and fight with the weapons of love and humility.  There are too many men suffering in silence.  They need to be rescued one by one.  Here are four  observations.

First,  accept opposition as a normal in our gender confused culture. An anti-male narrative is now the accepted norm.  We accept the challenge of wanting to change the narrative of  men as  stupid, refusing to be a “male victim.”  We lament the fact that a spiritual alive masculine soul is alien in our culture. We humbly acknowledge that men have failed badly in the past, but we refuse to become passive. “Don’t give the opposition a second thought.  Through thick and thin, keep your hearts at attention, in adoration before Christ, our Master.  Be ready to speak up and tell anyone who asks why you’re living the way you are, and always with the utmost courtesy” ( I Peter 3:1516 – Message).  Take up the mantle of a godly man and get into the fight.   Find other guys who are engaged.

Secondly, join the growing army of men who are coming alive in the Spirit, having tasted the energy and strength of their masculine soul.  Men, God is raising up a new generation of godly men, who are finding healing for their masculine soul in the name of Jesus. “Deep longings lie dormant in the unawakened soul,” observes Larry Crabb. “Souls stay asleep in order to avoid feeling pain and facing failure.  But an alive and sustaining sense of purpose that survives the inevitable disappointments and tragedies of life is available to every person who wakes up to discover his or her gendered center.”  This army of men refuses to allow themselves to be defined by the feminist narrative.

Thirdly, this new army of men refuse to be intimated. They are willing to take responsibility for  not only their failures, but the failure of the past generation. Women have done their soul work, more faithfully  then men.  They have been liberated in some positive ways.  Men today are being forced to ask questions that are new in their relationship to women, acknowledging the need for a new accommodation between men and women in our culture.  In this new realignment of roles, responsibilities and even identity, men need to be humble and open minded.  But we will not become victims. With the masculine energy that is released through surrender and obedience to the Lord Jesus, men are willing to risk misunderstanding and rejection to stand firm in the Lord

Finally, in finding our masculine soul, there is a desire for men today, to be supportive of women in finding their feminine soul.  “The fullness of being human…lies not only in the male or only the female but in the communion of male and female” (Mauro Meuzzi).  Remember a secure man in Jesus, is not threatened by the feminine.