Devotions from Gary Thomas’s book, “The  Beautiful Fight”
True transformation in our lives happens when we not only behave like Christ outwardly but when we begin thinking like Him inwardly. The mind of Christ is something we are told to cultivate in Prove 4:1-13.

But when we shut God out of our lives, we lose our spiritual perception and become vulnerable to foolish whims and shallow substitutes. When our thinking goes, our behavior doesn’t lag far behind. 

We are not at the mercy of our minds. We can take control of our minds and offer them to God for transformation.

To have our mind set on God, we must be God-focused and God-directed. As we surrender to God, He opens our minds to increased understanding and wisdom.

Having our minds renewed includes becoming familiar with the wisdom God has given to others, redeeming our time to give appropriate effort to study, and learning to take charge of our minds, focusing on the purposes and presence of God.
May He penetrate our minds with his truth, insights, and His perspective this day!