We have arrived in Edmonds, Washington after driving 1800 miles.  When we left the hotel yesterday we were awe struck by a huge rainbow over the mountains . The scenery was so breathtaking and a reminder of our creator who made it all .  And then to think, Glory is going to surpass even this!
We were welcomed warmly by Grace and Tom with a steak dinner and walk down to the water front at dusk.  It was awesome with Mount Baker is sight.

So far I am unable to use my computer here so will write on the blog for the duration of our time. Sorry I can’t get your e-mails either.
Today’s devotion is from Gary Thomas’ book, “The Beautiful Fight”
Transformation is really about how present God is in our lives and how He makes a real difference.  It’s not enough to discuss issues, pray about them, and feel inspired by them.  Now we have to find ways to put them into action.  If we don’t think about God, pray to Him, listen to his voice and consciously serve Him, we are really living an ungodly life.  Ungodly is not necessarily being against God but it can be simply a life that ignores God and doesn’t tap into Him.  Instead t be a healthy believer we should experience God every day-His presence, His power, and his wisdom.   We can be reading our Bibles,  fellowshipping,  praying, etc. and all the while not relying on Him. We need a direct experience of knowing Him and being empowered by Him.
May we be “an instrument which the Holy Spirty blows and on which He plays”.

Blessings on your day!