Devotions for 9-11 from Alice Fryling’s book,

As we gather with others in spiritual direction, we are journeying together toward God. Our job is not to fix each other or even to teach each other, for God is the real spiritual director and He is the one drawing.

In the group it is important that each feels free to share and is comfortable with silence so we can listen to how God is leading. We must humbly allow the Holy Spirit to be the guide.

Even when problems arise we can know that God is with us, within each of us, and present in all that happens.  Each one must be committed to grace and truth and a desire to draw closer to God. As a group we have the wonderful opportunity of traveling together. God never intended for us to journey alone. May He give each of us  companions so that we can seek God together.

When  starting out we can reflect on such questions as:

When today did you feel the most joy, the most freedom, or the most loved?  What time today were you most aware of the presence of God?

If a  passage of scripture is meditated on, focus on how that passage might reflect in some way God is at work in your life.

But do take time to be still and listen to God, letting go for the distractions and welcoming the Holy Spirit.

Spend some time listening to the gentle whisper of God and sit in His presence. He has so much to say if we are quiet enough to hear!