Devotions from Judy’s heart
During this Christmas time so many doors are decorated beautifully for this season. Doors are important as they are a passageway to where we are going. The opening of the door to our heart allows us to see more of the treasure of who He has made us to be and His presence within us. I am reading a book by Joyce Rupp, “Open the Door” and she speaks of opening the door to finding our true self that wants to be “known, loved, embraced, welcomed without judgment, and integrated into the way we live. When we open the door and go inside, God is there in the temple of our the cathedral of our being.”  As we are all familiar with the picture of Christ knocking at the door, Sallman omits the doorknob on the outside, as it is only we who can open that door from within. It is our choice. If we choose to open the door of our heart and welcome Him in, we open ourselves to grow and change in ways we never dreamed of. I suspect we often get so preoccujpied that we miss opportunities or maybe we just refuse to take the next step and stop in the doorway. But if we are willing to go through the door, we will find the richness of His presence and greater freedom to be our authentic self.