Dear Ones,
   May His peace and joy fill your hearts on this Christmas Day! 
We enjoyed time at Ann’s yesterday with a delicous meal, presents, and a win for the Vikings. The snow covered trees made the drive so beautiful. We got home just in time to greet at the Candle light service. Today we are leaving early for the cities to join many relatives at the hotel to spend two days and nights together to celebrate Christmas. We look forward to seeing everyone and to catch up with family.I am sending the devotional for Monday early as I am not taking my computer with me. I hope to write again when we come home on Tuesday. 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
On this Christmas day I am sending a prayer by writer Meg Mucher
  Praise You for Christmas! Even the surrounding commercialism could not dim the Truth cast by the light of the stars the night Jesus was born on earth. This is the day You have made! We will rejoice and be glad in it! This Christmas is as unique as all of the others. Speak to us, and show us who You are this Christmas. Illuminate the Truth at an angle we’ve never stopped to think about before. Help us to notice the nuances of the day Jesus came into the world and embrace the gravity of His arrival on earth. 
  Your mercies are new every day, God. Great is Your faithfulness! This Christmas, embolden us to share what we have received with everyone You place in our paths. When we feel alone, remind us You know who we are. We are never alone in Christ. He is with us, always, through the Holy Spirit residing in all who believe in Him. 
  Father, let us not forget the latter part of today’s biblical truth: “All who belong to the LORD must turn away from evil.” Father, Christmas can challenge our schedules, patience, and ability to see through all of the commercialism to the real Truth of Christmas. Help us to consistently turn to You daily. Don’t let us embrace the idols of materialism over You. Stay first and foremost in our lives, God. Let us be fully prepared to share the Truth of Christmas.
  Father, help us be aware of twisted truths and false teachers. We pray for their exposure, and also their restoration and way back to the actual Truth. Help us to focus on the Truth, Christ Jesus, this Christmas. Let nothing knock our focus off of Him, God. Show us, in new layers, why He came …who He is …and what Your will is for us as we follow Him faithfully as the magi were guided by the light of the star to Him.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen”

Blessings to you on this Christmas day! Prayers and love, Judy