Dear Ones,
We will be leaving this morning to go to the hotel in the cities to gather with the relatives to celebrate Christmas. We missed doing that last year so it seems even more special this year. We look forward to our big meal together and time to fellowship and catch up… We pray that we will all remain well also.
For devotions today I want to share a poem that a friend, former Board Members of Canaan, wrote and sent us. Hope you will enjoy it and remember the significance of the Christmas trees you will see. Have a most wondrous Christmas and your challenge today is to simply enjoy Christmas in whatever circumstance the Lord has you in right now and to give Him thanks.

Christmas Tree by Robert Althoff

 What do you see when you see a Christmas Tree?

With the tinsel placed just like the shining sea

The lights of colors that gleam in the night

And the top with the Star glistening bright

The meaning is much ,much more

Than the lights and ornaments galore

It is about the Star of whom the people did sing

“Glory to God in the Highest” to the Newborn King


The tree made of wood and branches spread wide

Could make the cross on which Jesus, our Savior, died

The color green represents life everlasting

This life can be yours if you just ask Him


The lights are as the Light of the World, the True Light

Shining with colors so beautiful and bright

The tinsel hanging with so large of an amount

Like God’s mercies un-ending to count


Bows and garland wrapped around the tree

Is like God’s Grace that warms you and me

Some ornaments are glowing crimson red

Reminds us of the blood for us He shed


Give Jesus your heart and happy you will be

His gift of life has made us free

How beautiful are all the wonderful trees?

None so beautiful as “God’s Christmas Tree.”