Dear Ones,
It is getting closer to Christmas and may we each have time to let the Christmas story take hold of us. This morning I hope to do some food prep, wrap a few gifts and get to Aldi’s… and maybe downstairs for coffee. This afternoon we are invited over to friends for fellowship and coffee! EmojiEmoji
Devotions from Judy’s heart
  Angels are real and we hear of them many times in scripture. At this time of the year we especially think of the angel Gabriel, who appeared to Mary and after greeting her told her that the Lord was with her and that she would bear a son called Jesus. I’m quite sure when Mary woke up that morning that she never envisioned having an angelic visitor.
  Angels are messengers of God and are around us all the time. Some people have actually seen an angel, though I have not, but we can see evidences of their presence. We may have attributed events that cannot be explained in our lives to angelic actions. That does not mean we should worship them for they worship God as we do and seek to serve Him. They carry out God’s plans on earth and minister to us, often bringing encouragement and strengthening.
    Demons are also real and mentioned in scripture but they are out numbered by angels. In fact, angels can help us in our struggle against demon powers. As great as angels are however, we should not give them more attention than the Lord for they are only sent to help us and lead us to the Lord.
 Have you ever wondered if they are present in church during worship services. I was reading of one preacher who saw that he had 3 angels by him when he preached. He didn’t speak of this to others but 2 people came separately up to him and told him they saw an angel on each side of him and one in the back of him.
  Angels can also be present at a time of death to escort people into glory. Al and I have been with people who were dying, and have seen evidences that they are being ushered into heaven. When my brother was dying I prayed each night as his family held the phone up to his ear. Then one night, I felt led to pray that he would be ushered into heaven and he died at that moment.
Are angels real? Yes, and let us look with the eyes of the Spirit to behold their actions.
Challenge for today: Thank the Lord for His ministering angels in your life.
Blessings on your day and prayers and love, Judy