Devotions from Judy’s heart
There is an assault on marriage and the family today as never before and we must fight for our families. God created the family and He is to be the center of the relationship. How easy our society has made it to enter into marriage and easy to dissolve it quickly as the solution for any problems we encounter; but it says in Mark 10:9 “Therefore what God has joined together let no man separate.” God intended our homes would be a sheltering place where it is safe and a place to love and serve others. We don’t just exist for ourselves alone but for God. Our marriages are really a picture of Christ and the church and the enemy is using every tool to destroy the marriage bonds. He wants to destroy the family. We must fight for our marriages, fight for our families and let our homes be places offering freedom to serve God and be ourselves. Now that doesn’t mean that we worship our children and cater to them in everything, but rather help them become what God has intended for their lives and teach them to serve others. It’s important that we live in truth and teach our children to recognize what is right and wrong. The culture is not doing that as children see their parents breaking laws in the name of so-called freedom. We must practice and teach our children that as Christians we are different and won’t fit into the world’s mold. It takes courage to stand up for what is right rather than blending into the crowd. Also, that it is more important to obey God, even when it may bring ridicule from others. In these days Christian families need to be countercultural rather than living like everyone else and hoping our children will turnout okay. We are going to have to teach them more to stand up for what the Bible teaches, no matter what the culture says. We also need to help them understand that the family doesn’t exist for itself but for the Lord and service to others. I have been reading Rod Dreher’s book, Live Not By Lies, and he said, “If you want to love and serve the church, the community, and the nation, you must first learn to love and serve your family.” Let us start at home building strong marriages and loving and teaching our children God’s ways that they may have strength and faith to stand in the days to come.
Challenge for today: Pray daily for each one of your family, and use every opportunity to point them to the God’s ways.
Blessings on your day and prayers and love, Judy