Devotions from Leighton Ford’s book  The Attentive Life

Too often we hurry through our day and rush into things rather than doing things thoughtfully and will a whole-hearted attention. Much of the time we are only half looking, and half seeing and too  preoccupied with our thoughts to live in the present.

Before we launch into each day it is important that our “root system” is in place, that we are rooted and grounded in love.

Is our root system deep, wide, long and strong enough to withstand the pressures of each day?  It is most important that we abide and stay connected to the Vine so we can be fruitful and at home with Him.

To abide is not to settle down and forget the rest of the world. “It is a summons to stick with Him on the way, wherever that may lead, the promise that whatever comes He will stay with you.” It means constantly looking to Him and listening for His voice, seeking His ways. It is a continual conversation in which I listen to God’s voice and speak back to him.
Henri Nouwen said to pray without ceasing is to think, speak and live in the presence of God.

As we begin the day, may we quietly sit in His presence, waiting for His voice, hearing from His word ,and trusting Him who longs to spend time with us.