Devotions from Judy’s heart

This past week Kurt has had buddies here at the cabin and they are enjoying some snow and lots of bonfires etc. When Bo first came he drove his minivan down the steep hill to the cabin and unloaded everything.  He does not have 4 wheel drive so we were aware that he needed to watch the weather so he wouldn’t have to be rescued!  It snowed some and the guys were almost done napping when Al went down the hill to warn him he may need to move his SUV up. He made 4 or 5 attempts and had to back down and take a fast drive up with 2 of them pushing before finally he got to the top. Had he waited any longer, he may not have made it. Timing is important in our lives. God has a time table and we need to be in sync with it. Otherwise we may be spinning our wheels and not getting any where or backsliding. Sometimes God gives us warnings, like the warning Al gave the guys, and we need to pay attention. It is easier to stay put than to move out like Abraham when he was asked to leave his country, not knowing where God would lead him. It takes faith and obedience but the safest place to be is in His will and on His time table. Jesus gave us a wonderful example for He paid close attention to His Father’s timing. One thing we know for sure that it is always “time to seek the Lord”!  Hosea 10:12