Devotions based on Mark Buchanan’s book, Spiritual Rhythm

The season of summer is one spiritually of enjoying God and others without reserve. It is a time of warmth and rest and pleasure. We are not hurried, worried and it abounds in fruit.  We feel deeply alive and full of peace. God’ seems most visible and available to us.

It is a time to quiet our spirits and relax and become freshly present to God. “Endless busyness is earwax against God’s voice and a blindfold to God’s presence.”   But stillness reawakens our wonder and attunes us to His voice.

We’re not in a hurry and trying to prove any thing. In fact, it is a time when we might try new ways of meeting God…example a new place to have our devotions etc.

In summer season we see that God is good, near and for us. It is a time when we relish the abundance of God’s provision. We delight in the abundance we have rather than looking for more bounty. That is so far from the world’s way that chases what they lack rather than enjoy what they have.  The abundance that we do have is increased as we give it away. ( Like the little boy with the 5 loaves and 2 fish)  Wealth is only wealth when enjoyed and shared. Let us live in the mode of giving and thanksgiving!  In summer we must guard against dehydration. We dry out quickly and need the continuous inpouring of the Spirit and a deep saturation in the Word. We need to drink often or we get into spiritual complacency.  Let us give God the best of us and then we will reap His best for us.