Devotions from Judy’s heart

Have you ever prayed that God would help you to see another person through His eyes and not yours?  How God sees things is often so different from our short-sighted vision.
I just read this morning of how Jesus saw Simon ( who often put his foot in his mouth), and gave him a new name which meant, Rock. Even though Peter would deny Him, He became the leader and head of the apostles. Jesus saw in Peter what others may not have seen at the time.

Yesterday as my dad was brought to the nursing home from the hospital, the Hospice nurse came ahead of him and talked with us.  She asked us many questions about my dad. We told her of how content he is with things, and so undemanding.  He accepts what is and doesn’t complain etc. etc.  Then we took her to his room so she could meet him. I wondered what others see…is he just a 100 year old man that demands a lot of care?  Perhaps that is what some of the staff may think. But I believe she saw him more as the Lord sees him as she treated him with such compassion and care. She knelt on the floor beside him and spoke into his ear and listened, as his speech was hard to understand. She made him comfortable and gave him reassurance. I pray that I may see others as the Lord sees and show His compassion and His love.