Devotions from Judy’s heart
Last time we were at our son, Kurt’s, I gave the grandkids a prize on our arrival. Grant was excited but when he opened it up and found a bear puppet, his face fell. He was expecting a truck or something more fun. He said “Grandma, that’s not a prize!” So I reached into the prize bag and pulled out a wrapped truck and he was very pleased. I wonder how much we are all like Grant when the Lord gives us a “gift “to help us grow and become more like Him. It may come wrapped in a trial or was not what we anticipated or expected. We may even tell Him…”Is this a Gift?!!”  But it all gets back to trust that we believe He has our best in mind and will give what is good for us. We need faith to look beyond what we can see at the time. As one person put on Facebook, “Faith  is the bridge between where I am and the place God is taking me!” Let us trust and believe and as it says in Ps. 85:12, “Yes, the Lord will give what is good”.