Devotions from Just Between Us magazine on waiting on God

God often answers our prayers with the four letter word WAIT. Waiting is hard and painful and tiring but it is a discipline that is intended to strengthen us. It is a discipline that produces righteousness and peace. ( Heb. 12:11-12)

While we are waiting we need to spend consistent time in God’s presence, seeking His purpose and reviewing His  promises. God knows us and our situation intimately.
We must not become so obsessed with a “Wait” event in our life, that we miss the other blessings of God. Not only do we need to watch for the blessings in other areas of our lives, but we need to seek out opportunities to help and comfort others.

In James 1 we are told to consider it joy when we go through trials and the discipline of waiting can be a trial. We need to live the abundant life that Jesus promised even while waiting.  Joyful living should not be ‘’paused” like the button on a DVD player while we are waiting. How often do we say we will be happy when we sell the house or get a better job.  We need to practice joy now not when.
Often in hindsight we can see how our character was developed as we waited.
We can focus on our purposes, or we can focus on our problems…one of the easiest ways to get rid of pain is to get our focus off ourselves and onto God and others.