Devotions based on Florence MacKenzie’s article about discouragement

I think we all get discouraged at times and wish we could run away from difficult circumstances. Mac Kenzie gives us 6 ways to try to defeat discouragement.

1. Choose to believe the character of God.  He loves us with an everlasting love and we need to let this knowledge sink deep into us.

2. Choose to respond to God in praise. This is probably what we least want to do when our circumstances may be painful. But we are told to give thanks in all circumstances not for all circumstances. The key is giving thanks to God IN            those times.

3. Choose to wait for the Lord to act. God acts according to His time table but while we wait we can take time out daily to focus on Him rather than our problem. Let’s ask what instead of why  to learn what He is teaching us. We must   keep    handing over the problem to Him and trust the outcome.  Then may we determine that whatever happens we will continue to serve him wholeheartedly.

4. Choose to share our problem with a trusted friend. We don’t have to walk it alone.

5. Choose to build structure into our day. Rather than let things slide, maintain some kind of a daily routine to help us keep on track.

6. Choose to rejoice in the Lord.  (Hab.3:17)  As we focus on His character and believe His promises we are able to rejoice in Him.
Let us go through this Christmas time full of hope and not being overwhelmed.