Devotions from Michael Molinas’ book, Spiritual Guide

Have you dreamed of having great peace that is not affected by trials and adversity that comes your way?  As we are grounded in His love we can experience this peace and welcome whatever comes into our lives. But we must renounce our self nature, any desire to be great, and seek only Him.  When we know that we are nothing then there is nothing to rob us of our joy.  “He who knows he is nothing is incapable of receiving grievance or injury from anyone.  Such a believer does not look on the faults of another, but only on his own; he frees himself from all his countless imperfections.” As long as we see ourselves as nothing, the Lord, can continue to work in us depositing His image and likeness in our inward being.” How wonderful to live in “heavenly indifference” where we are content in everything and do not lose that inward peace!