A blessed Christmas! It may not see that this devotional is appropriate for  Christmas but perhaps it is since most of us will be with relatives and reviewing past experiences.

Devotions from Mark McMinn’s book  Finding Our Way Home

Today’s devotional is on looking back. As we do that we begin to see patterns. Yesterday’s roles get replayed in today’s relationships. None of us was loved perfectly and we need to forgive others but also to be forgiven.

We often confuse the limited human love we’ve known with the limitless love God offers us. We can look at our old “scripts” and evaluate them only after we discover them. It is important to recall the painful things of the past so we can learn to free ourselves from their grip, and to turn our pains and struggles over to God. As we look back we are put in touch with our stories and it helps us connect the past and present, allowing us to disentangle today from the scripts of yesterday. It frees us to face an uncertain future with self-awareness and confidence.

One of the most important things we can do is to build bridges of reflection and continuity between the past and the present. If we do this well, it draws us close to others.

“We can choose to turn humbly in the direction of the past to find meaning in the present and hope for the future.”

In remembering, we create space for God to meet us in our journey, and we allow our lives to be centered in the security of God’s love.