Dear Ones,
Hope you had a lovely weekend! We are thankful for a little more rain. Tomorrow morning we leave for Upper Michigan to visit Al’s sister who lives on the 11th floor overlooking Lake Superior. We plan to take her out for steak on Tuesday to help us celebrate Al’s birthday. We also hope to walk around Presque Isle, go to Culvers etc. We will visit friends on our way home and hope to make it back late Wed. evening. Appreciate prayers for a safe journey. I won’t be writing until we are back home again as I am not taking my computer along. 
Just received word that my cousin Susie is very sick with Covid and in ICU. Please pray for her. She is a caregiver and now she is in need of much care and healing. 
Devotions from Judy’s heart
This life on earth is not all there is, for we are here but for a short time. Why do we live so concerned about our life and body and accumulating wealth as if we were going to be here forever? Why are our hearts filled with anxious thoughts and forget that we have a Heavenly Father that cares for us until our last breath?
From our second story apartment I look out on the tops of trees and see the birds freely flying about and flitting from branch to branch. It is a constant reminder of what Jesus said on the mountain when He spoke to the crowd of people in Matt. 6:26 (ESV), “Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?” The birds have things to teach us as they are an example of living without cares; their abundant food comes from God’s hand and they freely fly about singing and giving praise.
We can also trust the Lord for all of our needs for we matter to Him. He cares for us not only in this life but for all eternity. Sometimes I just like to pause and spend some time thinking about eternity and getting my vision set higher.  I ask myself what is really important in the long run of what is taking place today?  All that happens to us here in our world is just preparation for what is ahead.
Al is soon going to hit the big 80 and we are in the 4th quarter of life, as well as, many where we live.
Perhaps it is easier to reflect on what is really important before our life is over, than someone in their second quarter who thinks they have all kinds of time; but of course, we never know.
Both Al and I are more grateful than ever for each day and appreciate and love each other more. Al has changed the most in this last quarter and I love observing the Holy Spirit’s work in his life. I also reap the benefits as he has become more sensitive than ever, to show love and meet my needs. We’re never too old to change and the Lord continually works in each of us until we are ushered to glory. Let us not waste time and stress on what will pass away.
Challenge for today: Ask the Lord what things you need to cut out of your life and which things you need to embrace. 
Blessings on your week and prayers and love, Judy