Devotions from Fil Anderson’s book Breaking the Rules

It’s time to leave our ought- tos, shoulds, have- tos and musts behind. We need to shift our attention from what we feel we MUST DO to what God has ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED..  God wants to give us freedom and has designed us for living from the inside out. We don’t need to feel pressured to do certain things in order to be in relationship with Him. God’s gift of grace is intended to produce a much different kind of fruit.—Rest. Think of yourself as floating in the river of God’s love. Floating is like a gift we can only be given; it’s never achieved by striving. 
We live fully only when His life is streaming into ours. The author found freedom as he realized he was lovable only because God loved him and He always expected more failure from him than he expected from himself. He said,
“When love permeates us we are whole, redeemed and free to be our beautiful true self. This is the hope that inspires me. This is the foundation and the love on which I live.”

We get to live our lives here on earth only once, so let us live it fully and as beautifully as we can!